The Instructor 

I have always been a keen Martial Arts Fan, Starting my journey like many others in Styles like Wadoryu Karate, Judo and Kickboxing, before discovering Kung Fu and Tai Chi

Although I have specialised in certain styles i have kept an open mind to help develop a deeper understanding of the Arts as a whole and was supported doing so by some teachers more than others.

" The Best Way to Understand your Styles Strengths is to Understand Your Styles Weaknesses ". 

- Sifu Friskney.

I Competed at Wu Tan Institute Kickboxing Competitions - Southampton.

SENI Combat Show - London.

Tai Chi Union British Open - Oxford. 

I have Taught at Multi Style Exhibitions in

Manchester - Southampton -Brixton -  Brighton - Bournemouth - Poole - Taunton - Slough - Newton Abbot and other Venues in the South West.

I have been featured in several Martial Arts Publications such as Martial Arts Illustrated and Local News Articles, I have also Performed Stunts on Stage for Movie and Musical Performance.

Previous Training history -

My first experience of Tai Chi was in Somerset it lead to my first taste of Wing Chun with Sifu Bryant and Sifu Weatherall who was teaching Augustine Fong Style Wing Chun.

In Bournemouth and Southampton I extensively trained with Wing Chun Sifu D. Friskney. F.A.S.T Wing Chun. Karate Sensei Friskney gained his Wing Chun qualifications training with various Masters such as Robin Gardener - William Chung Style and specifically to 4th Degree Wing Chun with Samuel Kwok and Ip Chun Ip Man Wing Chun before studying Tai Chi with Master Li.  

I trained to 3rd Degree with Sifu Friskney whilst also attending his Tai Chi Classes, ultimately training directly with Master Li at Tai Chi Southampton who I continue to train with whenever possible.

In Dorset I also trained with Sifu Packnhurst Fong Style of Wing Chun, that lead to me being featured in an interview published by the Wing Chun Archive.

During this time I also trained with, Wu Tan Institute Of Kung Fu in Tai Chi and Wing Chun and Shaolin Society Bournemouth Weapons. I was also a Student of Guru S Osbourne Tiger - Crocodile Pentjak Silat and an early Member of the  British Silat Organization. 

I also became good friends with Judo and Karate Sensiei Holloway, Originally exposing him to Wing Chun he is now 7th Degree Wing Chun Master with Austin Goh - Lee Shing Wing Chun Brixton and Clapham London and Martial Arts Hall of Fame Member. I continue training with him whenever possible.

Over the decades I have also enjoyed some training in JKD, Thai Boxing, MMA, Aikido, Jujitsu, BJJ and Sambo with various Clubs in the UK. Meeting many great Instructors such as Mo Teque, Dan Inosanto, Chris Crudelli, Matt Follian, James Thompson, Vik Holti, Master Hataisantiwong, and Master Sken.

I also got involved with Black Flag Shaolin Wing Chun with Master Benny Meng and the infamous Sifu Lin. Training in America as an Indoor Student and becoming UK Representative I learned that the Black Flag Style originates from Sifu Tio TeK KIwe - Lo Han Kung Fu. I still Teach some elements of this Style.

Favouring Tai Chi for many reasons I would always find time train with Master Li, and being so inspired by him, I travelled to China to train with Master Liu Yong an Indoor Student of Grand Master Chen Zheng Lei, Chen Village. I trained extensively with Liu Yong in China and other Masters in Shanghia and Bejing and in the UK with his students Sue Johnson in Manchester and Ali Warmsley in Brighton. I have also trained Tai Chi with Master Jesse Tsao on his visits to Somerset. 

Qualifications - 

3rd Degree Black Sash Wing Chun - Sifu Friskney - F.A.S.T Southampton. 

1st Degree Black Sash Shaolin - Sifu Lin - Fredericksberg Virginia - Irvine Los Angles. 

1st Degree Black Belt Kickboxing- Amateur Martial Association UK.

SSTTM - Instructor Certificate - Mo Teague JKD - World Combat Arts.

Instructor Certificate Weapons  - Shaolin Society Bournemouth.

Instructor Certificate  - Tai Chi Union GB

Instructor Certificate  - Master Liu Yong - Man Lian Tai Chi Club Yinyungang China.

Instructor approval - Master Jesse Tsao PHD  Beijing Wushu Team Gold Medalist - San Diego USA.

Many of my Students have since become Instructors of their own Clubs.

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